VolksTurbine is aiming…

1)     …at producing energy from wind for direct consumption, without ugly huge propeller blades, without “Disco Effects” =  light-dark-light-dark-light-dark behind the propellers; without permanent, harmful-to-health noises – VolksTurbine can work right in the middle of cities, housing areas, industrial zones, on shores, islands, hillsides etc.!
2)    …at your pure and clear conscience, as all ideas of sustainability to help our stressed world are respected as clean as possible!
3)    …at making you most independent from general power suppliers!
4)    …at  GIVING  YOU  FREE  CHOICE  OF SHAPES, DESIGNS, COLORS, LOGOS,  DEDICATIONS / WORDINGS…!                                                                        

Some extra-thoughts:

1)     The patented turbine system!
It is unique in its wind induction ways: up to 250% more wind onto the turbine scoops mean 110 % more efficiency as in any other Savonius type turbine up to now. And: It is  -  like in modern automotive industry   -   ONE platform for just about every shell design you can think of  =  every shape of body are possible.

2)     More than 2.000 colors and shapes,
Just about any decoration and form you may desire in different sizes and efficiency classes –  VolksTurbine makes it easy on you to harvest your power direct from the wind!

3)     In preparation:
Wind energy battery / accumulation system! In about a years’ time ahead we count on having battery power to offer to you, in a sufficient mass to keep enough power reserves to bridge times of wind lulls.

4)     Produce your own electric power for better business:
+    Deep freeze and cooling rooms in transportation, food and medical production etc
+    Lighting of big parking lots or their use as energy harvesting lots
+    Addition to existing PV-parks (on northern, north-eastern and north-western sides of the parks)  =  all electrical installations are already there…!
+    Intelligent isolated regions application  =  wherever complicated power supplies are given; optimum wind flow in general to be found on coastal and hill situations
+    Power for direct production of compressed air, hot water, heating, cooling…  

…and no limit for your own ideas!

Technology & Patents:

NEW wind induction = up to 250% more energy entering the turbine scoops

NEW wind induction surface 100% LARGER than the whole surface of the turbine against the wind

NEW: No maddening noises, like humming, sucking, hissing; no flashlight reflexes = “Disco Effects” driving people crazy

NEW: Back-end air suction below atmospheric pressure, increases exhaust flow-speed of air, such extra-pulling the scoops to an extra-momentum!

NEW: max. noise like same size trees!

NEW:    All materials recycled: aluminum and steel. No GFK- / CFK-plastics or -fibers used!

NEW:  Just plain smooth, intelligent air guidance without turbulences!  (compression of wind doesn’t work, see studies University of Berlin, 1991)

NEW:  Sun-collectors ever-automatically following the sun and rain-collector-rims on top can be mounted.



  • Die neue VolksTurbine
  • Die neue VolksTurbine
  • Die neue VolksTurbine
  • Die neue VolksTurbine
  • Die neue VolksTurbine
  • Die neue VolksTurbine
  • Die neue VolksTurbine
  • Die neue VolksTurbine